6:16 - 336200%
1:38 - 305855%
1:27 - 177043%
1:27 - 221004%
"It seems that when you want to make a woman into a hero, you hurt her first. When you want to make a man into a hero, you hurt… also a woman first."
23:58 - 70734%

My roommate keeps telling me mike brown deserved it because ‘he was a drug dealer thug who rushed the cops and that’s why there is bullet holes on his hands’

My roommate is a black man.

Its fucked up how the media and cops are skewing this so even black people who live far enough away are on their side.

14:38 - 1%
11:45 - 181990%
2:41 - 64218%

Also as of today I’ve seen everyone my 17 yeer old self held dear besides Good Charlotte and Eminem if I manage to see them I’ll die

(I’ve seen MCR, blink-182, panic, afi, linkin park, fob, paramore, and 30stm. Basically the only bands I listened to at that age)

2:17 - 1%

I saw AFI 30stm and linkin park today and it was toppppppp

Just fucking the best except linkin parks flashing strobe light thing they had going on gave me a migraine do not recommend if your prone to seizures from lights or sensitive to them at all

But otherwise it was the bees knees and I give it a 9/10 due to the lights and the fact a drunk guy was ruining our vibe by crowding us in the pit

Jared Leto looks like he is playing Jesus though

2:14 - 4%
"I think it’s weird that teenage girls know more about giving blowjobs than they do about masturbation. It makes me sick to my stomach that so many young girls think sex is just about a guy finishing."
3:19 - 129897%
1:05 - 4380%
0:35 - 204038%



It’s fun to chant “Bloody Mary” into your car’s side mirror three times and watch her jog and try to keep up.

Being a dick even to demons

0:17 - 373294%
0:17 - 123555%