when i bought pokemon X i picked fennekin and squirtle okay

right now we focus on my squirtle, Kazoo, who had a bold personality or something like that

so ofc because he was proud he sparkled

when Kazoo became a Blastoise I was battling him with my friend and she was like “haha holy shit how did you get a shiny blastoise”

i cried for twenty minutes straight

i thought he was sparkly because he had self confidence

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blackjackgabbiani said: Sick of people saying that the US doesn't need feminism. We have among the worst maternity leave programs in the first world, worse than even some second and third world nations. We also need men's rights because paternity leave is almost nil.



I was reading in a feminist book about paternity leave and why it’s so important, and it talked about how there’s even less paternity leave than maternity. In Canada, parental leave after birth is gender neutral- parents get 52 weeks, and I believe a husband and wife can split the time, or just have one of them take it. Not the case in the US.

-The Canadian One

In the US, it’s very hard for men to get paternity leave. Most school’s contracts allow men to use FMLA if they choose- but unless you’re in a job that is covered under FLMA you’re just shit out of luck.

-the Polish one

My work gives men two days of paid paternity leave - that includes the day of birth. But you can take a week of unpaid leave off. If you can afford to not get paid while having a newborn that is.

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Why I no one saying anything about the CW planning a show called Jane the Virgin?
Its literally about a woman who is inseminated by her obgyn during a routine check up.
Its a comedy.
Seriously its FUBAR and someone needs to do shit about it.

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My roommates got a new puppy
Her name is molly and she’s a doll
She never barks or tears up things. She thinks she’s supposed to sleep on her puppy pad though.

Also may or may not get a new roommate next month.

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He told me to make sure and he awake when he got back
Now he’s fallen asleep and neither of us are getting laid

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I bought franken berry and boo berry today

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Life’s too short to pretend you don’t like abba

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